Medical marijuana is a popular and effective alternative treatment used by people across the globe to manage various health issues. From reducing chronic pain and decreasing the frequency of seizures to helping treat depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, medical marijuana can be used to alleviate symptoms of medical conditions that do not respond to conventional treatments.

Currently, several forms of medical marijuana are considered safe for consumption and have varying degrees of intensity according to patient requirements. However, unless you are living in states like Washington, Colorado, or Oregon, where recreational marijuana purchase and usage is allowed, you must obtain a medical marijuana card from licensed medical marijuana doctors.

Here is a breakdown of the common forms of medical marijuana alongside the recommended conditions and unique benefits of each form:


Medical marijuana pills provide the natural benefits of the cannabis flower in concentrated doses. It eliminates the health risks often associated with inhaling cannabis vapor and offers significantly higher therapeutic effects. Marijuana capsules are typically recommended to alleviate pain, nausea, and inflammation. It is also easier to control the dosage in the form of pills allowing the patient to monitor their consumption levels easily.


Medical marijuana tinctures are liquid extracts that are created by mixing the cannabis substance in a solution of alcohol and glycerin. This releases the active ingredient to ensure the strongest effects of the CBD component. It is typically consumed by ingesting the droplets or absorbing it through the mucous membrane present in the mouth.


Cannabinoids are combined with penetrating topical creams and salves to create topicals that can be applied to the skin. The direct application allows the CBD to be absorbed into the skin and body tissues of the affected area. By focusing on a specific area, topicals provide localized pain reduction, anti-inflammation, and pain relief.



Various strains of cannabis are safe for ingestion by adding it to food such as cookies and cakes. However, CDB edibles have evolved from the horrible tasting brownies that were once the norm to yummy edibles such as gummy bears, lollipops, medicated cookies, crackers, popcorn, ice cream, chocolate bars, and chews.

The culinary sciences ensure precise doses of CBD that offer long-lasting relief by getting absorbed in the body through the digestive system.

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