What is Medical Marijuana

The term marijuana stems from the Latin root: cannabis. Botanists and pharmacists in this field still refer to the substance by its original name i.e. cannabis. Medical cannabis refers to the herb or compounds found in the plant itself.

The human body contains cells known as cannabinoid receptors. Cannabis contains a major substance called cannabinoids which act on these receptors to produce an effect. Cannabinoids consist of two primary chemicals:

  1. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC):this chemical is responsible for producing a high because of its psychoactive elements.
  2. Cannabidiol (CBD):this doesn’t contain any psychoactive elements but still can cast some positive impacts on the body. This is primarily how cannabis can be used as a possible treatment for epilepsy.

Does Cannabis help Epileptic Seizures

Cannabidiol (CBD), according to a number of studies conducted in the past, can have a positive restraint on seizures. Federal regulations and legislations have complicated the process of investigating further in this field. However, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that plant-based CBD extract has helped improve the condition of epileptic patients, which remained unchanged after therapy. In fact, CBD better controls seizures in case of specific epileptic syndromes.

How CBD Helps Epilepsy

Epidiolex (Cannabidiol, CBD)

Epidiolex is a plant-based CBD chemical that has been an area of interest for quite some time. FDA approved this product in 2018 because it provided promising evidence for a number of positive impacts.

It’s a 98% oil-based CBD extract that’s purified after being taken from the plant. Clinic trials used this medicine during research. Sample was divided in two groups: placebo-control and CBD group. Researchers were also oblivious to which subject was given CBD. This is why such studies are labeled ‘gold standard’.

This study showed that including CBD in the regular anti-seizure medication given to epileptic patients helped improve the condition drastically. Frequency and intensity of convulsive seizures in cases of young and old subjects were reduced.

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