As CBD continues to gain popularity, more seniors seek CBD treatments to alleviate their medical conditions ranging from depression to chronic pain.

A recent report reveals that over 60% of the senior population that tried CBD said it helped them reduce chronic pain, while 45% reported improved sleep quality. Several promising research studies have also been conducted to test the efficacy of medical marijuana, hemp flower, and CBD-products to improve various health conditions.

Read on to learn how CBD might help you as you get older.

Why You Might Need CBD Treatments

Human body isn’t as healthy as it was a few decades ago. Rising pollution, ozone depletion, and processed food consumption are negatively impacting immune systems—especially once we hit the post-fifty age mark.

CBD has created a buzz in the wellness arena as a potentially effective treatment for illnesses such as arthritis, HIV, cancer, anxiety, and mental disorders.

CBD might help you in various ways if consumed under reliable medical supervision. Three of its purported health benefits are explained below:

1. Can Help Manage Sleep Disorders

Studies show that CBD might help you sleep better and perhaps overcome daytime sleepiness and tiredness.

A 2019 research surveyed 72 people suffering from anxiety and insomnia, among which 67% said that CBD helped them sleep better.

Another study shows that CBD can potentially help soothe chronic pain and restlessness, and thereby has a positive impact on sleep.


2. Help Strengthen Bones

Calcium and vitamin D intake is important to prevent bone-brittleness and weakness.

A recent study published by The Journal of Bone and Mineral Research suggests that CBD can help strengthen bones and accelerate fracture recovery.

3.    Resistance against Neurodegenerative and Autoimmune Diseases

Aging isn’t kind to physical and mental health. It can increase risks of developing autoimmune and neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s, MS, and dementia.

Many promising studies show that CBD can contribute to the elimination of a toxic protein called beta-amyloid 42 that causes Alzheimer’s. Another research shows that simultaneously targeted CBD treatments may reduce oxidative stress and slow down neurodegeneration.

CBD extracts has been experimented with for epilepsy and cancer treatment. What’s more, several studies support CBD’s role in suppressing seizures, metastasis, and chronic pain.

However, robust and wide-scale randomized controlled trials are required to uncover substantial and potential benefits of CBD on aging.

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