Indica MD Provides Medical Marijuana Certifications in The Hamptons

New Yorkers residing in the Hamptons looking to achieve health and balance may now pursue medical marijuana certifications through Indica MD’s online evaluation service. Indica MD’s wonderful team of medical professionals understands just how personal a visit to the doctor’s office can be, so they treat each patient respectfully, compassionately, and with the utmost discretion.

Indica MD stands as one of New York’s premier medical marijuana evaluation services. It has helped patients all across Long Island, from Montauk to Hempstead, find alternative paths to health. In fact, Indica MD’s reputation for patient satisfaction and excellent service precedes them even in the Hamptons. Their streamlined online service enables housebound patients or those otherwise stuck behind logistical barriers to acquire certification from the comfort of their own home. And better yet, Indica MD strives to provide each of its patients with valuable medical cannabis education. The cannabis experts at Indica MD will discuss with patients information regarding the various cannabis cultivars, modes and methods of administration, and even cannabis legislation. Each team member at Indica MD steadfastly believes that an empowered and informed patient makes for a healthier and happier patient.

Indica MD operates in full compliance with HIPAA standards and regulations; they safeguard their the Hamptons patients’ information from theft and incursion. Indica MD’s online service is also completely mobile-friendly! Patients from anywhere in the Hamptons can begin their journeys toward greener, better tomorrows with just a smartphone!


Prospective patients living in the Hamptons who would like to acquire a medical marijuana certification must first gather relevant medical documentation describing their chronic condition. Patients then log onto Indica MD’s website to create an eVisit profile and fill out a short questionnaire regarding their health. Indica MD’s incredible platform will then connect patients to state-approved cannabis physicians who will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana certifications. To complete the process, patients must then register with New York’s Medical Marijuana Program in order to acquire a registry ID card to legally and safely obtain their treatments statewide.


Local Legislation:

Local legislation involving medical cannabis states that patients must be plagued by chronic maladies that result in severe pain, appetite loss, and nausea, among a number of others. Also, the Hamptons residents take note: chronic pain has been added to New York’s list of conditions! If you’re curious about whether you qualify for medical cannabis use, contact the helpful folks at Indica MD. They’re there for you.

Service Locations:

From Southampton to East Hampton and Northwest Harbor, Indica MD’s virtual doctor’s office serves the entirety of Long Island. Patients from all across the island have utilized Indica MD’s services to acquire medical marijuana certifications and renewals without having to trek into the city. With Indica MD, patients can consult with their cannabis doctors quickly and conveniently without having to even leave the house.

Location Information:

The Hampton natives recommend Main Beach for afternoon getaways. Escape the concrete jungle and relax beneath the midday sun to the softened sound of waves crashing into the sand. Locals also recommend the LongHouse Reserve along Hands Creek Road. This beautiful 16-acre garden was planned by the textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen and provides visitors with an idyllic spot to relax and recuperate.


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