Safe and Convenient Telemedicine Service for Receiving a Medical Cannabis Certification in Bloomington

Bloomington, Minnesota, residents who are looking to get medical marijuana evaluations done online now have access to IndicaMD’s expansive digital reach in the state. If you’re based in Bloomington and are looking to receive a medical marijuana certification to overcome the symptoms of chronic ailments, register online with IndicaMD to legally access medical cannabis dispensaries in the city.

The first step is to fill out our health questionnaire so you can be referred to a state-licensed medical marijuana doctor for a consultation online. We recommend that you keep all relevant medical documents and records with you in order to expedite the evaluation process. Our registered doctor will perform their assessment via our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform.

Once your online appointment has been completed, and you’ve been cleared by the doctor, you will be assigned a medical marijuana certification. Once that is complete, and you receive your certification email, you are legally required to register with the Minnesota Department of Health.

Once your account has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Health and you’re added to the Medical Cannabis Patient Registry, you’ll have to complete and submit a Patient Self-Evaluation Form—after which you can safely and legally purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries across the state.

Local Legislation

The Minnesota Department of Health’s Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) oversees the Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Use Act that legalized medical cannabis in May 2014. Medical marijuana legislation in Bloomington only allows those suffering from chronic pain-inducing and terminal conditions to use medical marijuana. To learn more about which conditions qualify for a medical marijuana certification in Bloomington, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Service Locations

IndicaMD proudly serves the entirety of Bloomington, all the way from the South Loop District to the Bloomington Ferry Road in West Bloomington. You can safely and conveniently access our telemedicine platform to get in touch with our state-licensed medical marijuana doctors via any device that supports our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform.

Location Information

Bloomington, Minnesota’s fifth-largest city, lies on the North Bank of the Minnesota River. The bustling city has more jobs per capita than either of the iconic Twin Cities, Minneapolis or Saint Paul, due in large part to the country’s largest enclosed shopping center, Mall of America.