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New York Medical Marijuana Laws

Legality & Medical Cannabis Document Requirements

New York State law allows individuals suffering from any of a long list of ailments to qualify for a cannabis recommendation. Chronic pain has recently been added to this list. Specifically, you are eligible if you have been diagnosed with a severe, debilitating condition that is accompanied by an associated or complicating condition: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Cancer, HIV or AIDS, ALS, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and many more. Associated or complicating conditions include severe or chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, or persistent muscle spasms and more.

Since 2016, New York law has allowed these determining medical evaluations to be performed online, via telehealth, by a New York State-licensed physician.

What IndicaMD needs when you meet online with our doctor: First, please have available a recent diagnosis (within the past 12 months). Examples of this include an MD diagnosis for chronic pain, or an x-ray indicating a broken bone. Second, please provide proof that you tried another intervention besides medical marijuana for three months. For example, if you were treating chronic pain you may have tried acupuncture, massage therapy, prescription pain killers, physical therapy, or chiropractic treatment.

It is important that you have your medical records or documents ready when you talk to our doctor online. There are many qualifying conditions that our doctors can help you identify (chronic pain being the most recent) but only if you have the documentation available. We can assist you with a medical release form to submit to your previous doctor. For example, if you suffer from chronic pain we would need to see first that you have a condition that causes chronic pain. A simple one-page MD diagnosis from within the past 12 months satisfies this. Secondly, we would need to see that you tried some other intervention for pain relief for at least three months which has proved unsuccessful. Something as simple as proof of valid prescriptions going back three months would be satisfactory. Also, proof of massage therapy or acupuncture for pain would qualify. Other examples of qualifying documents might be notes from physical therapy, imagining (such as an MRI), notes from a psychiatrist, notes from primary care indicating a diagnosis of cancer chronic pain, or prescription records of opioid long-term use. Please prepare your medical documents, records, prescriptions of any kind to send to us. We can assist you on whether or not it qualifies, and what to do next. If your diagnosis is too old, you can simply revisit that doctor to get an updated diagnosis.

New York Medical Marijuana Card

New York Medical Marijuana Certification for a NEW PATIENT $199

Indica MD New York Medical Marijuana Certification

  • 12 Month Medical Marijuana Certification in New York unless there is specific reason not to do so. 
  • 24/7 Online Verification
  • Indica MD Live Customer Service 11:00am-11:00pm
  • FREE Standard Mail Delivery
  • Safe, Secure and Discreet

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept insurance for the medical marijuana program. 

Routes of medical marijuana administration include vapor, oral and sublingual routes and patients should only use product procured from credible medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of residence.

As with any prescription medication, medical marijuana is to be kept in the proper packaging when not in use as provided by the dispensary.

Interstate transfer of product is to be avoided.

New York Medical Marijuana Certification FOLLOW UP/RENEWAL $99

Indica MD New York Medical Marijuana Certification

  • 12 Month Medical Marijuana Certification in New York unless there is specific reason not to do so. 
  • 24/7 Online Verification
  • Indica MD Live Customer Service 11am-10pm
  • FREE Standard Mail Delivery
  • Safe, Secure and Discreet

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept insurance for the medical marijuana program. 

Routes of medical marijuana administration include vapor, oral and sublingual routes and patients should only use product procured from credible medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of residence.

As with any prescription medication, medical marijuana is to be kept in the proper packaging when not in use as provided by the dispensary.

Interstate transfer of product is to be avoided.

New York Medical Marijuana Process

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Getting Access To New York State Medical Marijuana Program

New York’s Medical Marijuana program is still relatively new. It started after a 2014 law passed by the state that marked New York’s entry into the medical marijuana marketplace.

The plan allowed for a fixed number of medical dispensaries to be opened in the state for the production and distribution of Marijuana medicine. The number of permitted dispensaries was initially set to 5 and incrementally increased to 10 and then 20.

New York allowed 5 organizations sell their products in the market in the beginning and the number was raised to 10 later. As for the medicine itself, New York only allows the sale of Marijuana in capsules, oils and liquid form. The herb is prohibited from smoking and recreational use of Marijuana is still prohibited.

As far as medical usage is concerned, the legislators have placed restrictions on who is qualified to purchase the drug and the whole process is monitored to ensure compliance.

Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana Treatment?

Patients suffering from one or more of the qualifying conditions can be eligible for Medical Marijuana Treatment. The qualifying condition include life threatening or severe debilitating disorders such as

Cancer, Chronic Pain, HIV infections, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

(ALS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Huntington’s Disease, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity,

Neuropathy or Chronic Pain.

What is the Process for Getting Medical Marijuana?

Getting Medical Marijuana treatment for your condition is a three-step process. It involves speaking to your medical marijuana doctor to get their opinion on you medical condition, applying for and getting a registry card for marijuana and obtaining the actual medicine from a dispensary.

Consult Your HealthCare Specialist

If you are suffering from one of the qualifying conditions, you would need to speak to your doctor for alternative Marijuana therapy. Your doctor would then be able to refer you to a Medical Marijuana Doctor in New York.

There are around 800 medical practitioners registered in New York State who can prescribe Medical Marijuana for treatment. You can find a list of Medical practitioners in New York by going through the department’s registry at the website. Your doctor can also make a referral to a registered Medical Marijuana practitioner using the data management system on your behalf.

When you approach a medical marijuana doctor, they will make a comprehensive examination and go over the medical history of your case. Visiting a medical marijuana doctor is no different than visiting a general physician.

Anything that you discuss with your Marijuana doctor will be completely confidential, so try to be open and honest about your case. The main thing your medical doctor will be trying to assess is whether Marijuana treatment is actually good for you.

Medical Marijuana, like any other drug, can have side effects which may cause problems for the patient if not consumed correctly. One of the concerns that your Marijuana Doctor will try to assess is whether Marijuana therapy will actually be beneficial for you.

There are cases where Marijuana treatment has had a significantly positive effect on patients and improved their happiness by reducing pain, spasms, insomnia and lack of hunger. There have also been cases where Marijuana treatment had an adverse effect on patients. There have been patients who reported neither gains nor any harmful effects from Marijuana therapy.

Your Marijuana doctor will also take your lifestyle and habits into account. Patients with existing drinking and smoking problems are higher risk for marijuana treatment than patients with a healthy diet and regular exercise built into their day to day activities.

Your Marijuana doctor will also recommend the method of Marijuana consumption that would suit you best. 

Smoked marijuana is absorbed into the blood stream faster than Marijuana oils or edible forms.

However smoked and edible marijuana is still illegal. Your doctor is more likely to recommend prescriptions for Marijuana as liquids, capsules or inhalers.

If you are in New York and considering Marijuana therapy, you can get in touch with our qualified Marijuana doctor and book a consultation online.

While research into medical marijuana has shown that there is a positive effect of taking the drug, you should not be hesitant about asking your medical marijuana doctor questions regarding the therapy.

A good marijuana doctor will be open about answering your questions. They will also inform you about the benefits that other patients have had from Marijuana treatment.

For most medical conditions, marijuana therapy is taken along with the regular treatment and should not be considered a standalone treatment. In the case of cancer for instance, medical marijuana can significantly reduce the pain, insomnia and nausea that results from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

However medical marijuana should not be relied on as the primary medication.

Apply for a Registry Card

A medical marijuana registry card allows you to legally purchase marijuana for medical purposes. The state of New York still does not allow purchase and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes.

To get the medical marijuana card you must fulfill the qualifying conditions.

The first condition is that you must be a legal resident of the state of New York. You must possess an authentic proof of residency in the state. This could be anything from a state issued ID to a passport with New York address. You may also be able to use utility bills or bank statements in your name that can prove that you are a resident of this state.

The second thing you would need is a doctor’s prescription or written certification from a registered

medical practitioner in New York. The prescription must cover that the doctor recommends for you to purchase and consume Medical Marijuana for your condition.

You must also have one of the debilitating ailments covered above and your doctor should identify the qualifying condition for which they are recommending Marijuana. Once you have the required prescription and documents in order, you can complete an application for a New York Medical Marijuana Card through the New York State Department of Health. There is a $50 application fee. However, the department is currently waiving the fees if you select the option of “Bill

Me Later” on the forms. 

Apart from residency status and doctor’s prescription, you would also need to provide your proof of identification when applying for a Marijuana Card online. When making a purchase in the future, you would need to present both your registry card and your ID at the dispensary.

Your registry card will arrive in mail after you have been approved by the state department.

Visit a Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facility

Once you have your Marijuana card and doctor’s prescription, you will be able to purchase Marijuana legally from approved, state sanctioned dispensaries.

Currently, Marijuana is available for legal purchase and consumption as liquids, oils, inhalers or capsules.

Smoking the flowers and edible forms of Marijuana is still illegal in the state.

The New York state allows no more than ten registered organizations in the state and each organization is limited to four dispensaries at maximum.

The ten registered organizations are

1. Medmen formerly Bloomfield Industries, Inc.

2. Columbia Care NY LLC

3. Etain LLC

4. PharmaCannis LLC

5. Vireo Health of New York LLC

6. Florello Pharmaceuticals

7. Citiva

8. Terradiol

9. PelliaTech NY

10. Valley Agriceuticals

Most of the dispensaries are located in the urban city centers and close to existing medical facilities. It is

quite easy to purchase the prescription marijuana medicine from a dispensary close to you.

What is the Cost?

Insurance companies are not mandated to cover the medical marijuana costs in New York. Costs of medical marijuana products vary between different dispensaries and typically cost anything from $150 to $400 for a month’s supply.

Limited Legalization And Potential for Abuse

Many supporters of Medical Marijuana are unhappy with the strict conditions on the production and purchase of the drug. Smoking is still prohibited and edible consumption is also not allowed. The number of qualifying conditions is also low and medical marijuana practices are expected to adhere to a very high standard when prescribing for marijuana.

Some patients have also pointed out that it is quite difficult to get in touch with a professional marijuana doctor. Regular medical practices are not registered to prescribe marijuana treatment and patients living outside the big cities have to drive for hours just to get to a registered practice.

Groups opposed to Marijuana legalization have pointed out that cannabis is open to misuse and


The Future of Medical Marijuana in New York

While the maximum limit of allowed dispensaries and marijuana doctors is fixed, the numbers have grown from last year. The state had only allowed 5 dispensaries when Medical Marijuana was legalized in the beginning. The number of dispensaries allowed has been raised to 40 now.

The 5 new organizations that were allowed to trade in the medical cannabis in the city have been active in opening new dispensaries. It is expected that all the new dispensaries will be open and operational by the end of first quarter in 2018.

Another good sign is that the state is considering adding more ailments to the list of acceptable qualifying conditions.

There is also a great deal of interest in further researching Medical Marijuana. With easing restrictions on the herb in the U.S., it is expected that more potent medication will be developed in the future. The newer medication will significantly improve ailments while reducing any side effects.

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I am very satisfied with the service that I received from MarijuanaDoctors.com. At first I was a bit hesitant about seeing an online doctor. However, with everything else that I do in my life that is online (Amazon Fresh, Uber, ect) I decided to give it a shot. Without a doubt, I was pleasantly surprised at how seamless the overall process went. I was able to get a same day appointment with the doctor and after reviewing my medical records, he thought I was a great candidate for medical marijuana. On top of seeing me promptly, the doctor also guided me step by step through the NY state registration. Overall, I am very satisfied!


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I was very pleased with the prompt response of Dr. O'Connell. He was professional, courteous, took his time and explained everything to me. I particularly liked being able to have my appointment/consultation via a telehealth application making it easier for me since there is difficulty driving after having chemo treatments due to side effects. After doing my research, I also realize his consultation fee is more affordable than others. Thank you Dr. O'Connell.


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I made an appointment with Dr. Daniel O'Connell, and within minutes I was able to meet with him. The appointment was efficient but full of information, and that same day I was able to apply for my license with NY State. Dr. O'Connell made the process a breeze, and the conversation was professional, but very comfortable. He was attentive to my needs and concerns, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and provided me with resources to look into things further based on the information he provided. As someone suffering from my condition for most of my life and looking for an alternative to the available medicines I've tried, I was eager to learn more about the offerings of medical marijuana. However, I was hesitant given the stigma around marijuana in the United States. Dr. O'Connell was very knowledgable of the cause of my condition and the effects of medical marijuana in terms of offering relief. He made me very comfortable in my decision to try medical marijuana by breaking down the process of how it addresses my symptoms compared to other currently available drugs. He not only spoke about recent advancements in the field for the various medicines (and also recommended I consider these as well), but also about the advancements in the medical field when it comes to understanding my condition. I was very satisfied with the level of detail in the information he gave me (most of it I hadn't even heard from my other doctors before), and the reassurance he offered regarding the professionalism and safety of the dispensaries where I would pick up the medicine.

How to Get Medical Marijuana in New York


Step 1. Get approved by our Indica MD Physician

Get a NY Medical Marijuana Certification letter from one of our New York Licensed Physicians.

To Register and visit with a physician now, click  

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Step 2. Register Online with New York Marijuana Program

After getting your Medical Marijuana Certification, Register for an Official New York Medical Marijuana Card here:


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Step 3. Purchase Product from a Registered NY Dispensary

Once you have your NY Medical Marijuana Card, you can purchase medical marijuana medicine from any registered organization's dispensing facility in New York State. 

All registered New York dispensaries can be found here:


Get A Medical Marijuana Card Safely With Indica MD

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Registration is easy. Sign up with an email and password.

After  registration, you will fill out your health questionnaire. Indica MD's Telehealth platform allows a patient to video-chat with our  state licensed Medical Marijuana doctor from any mobile smart phone,  desktops, or iPad device.

 You get a New York Medical Marijuana Certification instantly upon approval by our medical marijuana doctor.  

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

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Indica MD's  HIPAA complaint medical marijuana telehealth platform allows patients  to create a safe and encrypted private health account. 

Your personal heatlh information will be kept private and secure between  only you and the physician. No information is ever shared or stored on  any central database for anyone to access other than authorized health  professionals working for the medical marijuana doctor and the patient.   These health professionals follow the guidelines of HIPAA privacy  protection for all patient health information. 

Get connected with a doctor and get your New York Medical Marijuana Card online.

100% Risk Free

Risk Free

An Indica MD medical marijuana doctor evaluation is 100% Risk-FREE, only pay if approved by our New York licensed physicians for a NY Medical Marijuana Certification letter. Our MMJ doctor take  the time to listen and help patients to consider medical cannabis for each qualifying condition. 

Our physicians are licensed in New York. Get approved for a Medical Marijuana Card, and get access to all registered New York  dispensaries for your state. 

Video-Chat With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

Online Medical Marijuana Doctor

At Indica MD, We  want you to have the best experience with the medical marijuana doctor,  so its important for him to be able hear, speak, and see you clearly  during the 420 evaluation.  

 If you use a smart phone, tablet and iPad,it is important to download the eVisit App. 

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Get Your New York Medical Marijuana Card

Indica MD New York Medical Marijuana Certification

Once approved by our Indica MD doctor, he will  email with you a New York  Medical Marijuana Certification Number with instructions on how to register for a New York State Medical Card. 

Our medical cannabis doctor will print, sign, emboss and send your original New York Medical Marijuana Certification with the U.S. Postal mail for free.

Once you will get your Medical Marijuana Certification number from the doctor apply for a New York Medical Marijuana Card which takes about 7-10  days to process and received by the patient. 

Get Access To All New York State Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana Green Cross

What you with get your official New York State Medical Marijuana Card

  • Access all medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services.
  • 24/7 Online Verification
  • Live Customer Support from 1pm - 10pm, Monday - Saturday. 
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Private and Secured HIPAA Protected Medical Record

Please click here to find a Registered Organization or New York Dispensary for access to Medical Marijuana. 

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It is important to download the eVisit App, so our MMJ Doctor will be able to see, hear, and speak to you clearly on our HIPAA compliant video chat platform. 

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Getting your medical marijuana card from the safety and security of your home, office, and any discrete location giving you ultimate privacy throughout the process.  You will be saving time, money, and getting you to your medical marijuana faster than ever. Once approved by our licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor in New York, you will get an instant E-Rec delivery of your mmj letter.



Get a New York State Medical Marijuana Certification


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 The industry-leading team powering Indica MD is proud to have helped numerous patients living in Manhattan achieve healthier lifestyles and overcome their chronic conditions through educated medical cannabis use. Indica MD’s online clinic is user-friendly and streamlined to allow patients access to their important treatments sooner. As a telemed clinic, Indica MD also helps those who cannot reach doctor’s offices due to health issues or logistical difficulties. Indica MD’s digital doctor’s office allows patients to consult with their cannabis doctors from the comfort of their own living rooms. The entire evaluation process, from start to finish, can be completed while putting on a pot of coffee in the morning. Indica MD cannabis experts also impart important knowledge regarding medical cannabis to their patients. Their staff will help patients understand the various cultivars, cannabis legislation, and even the different modes of consumption. Indica MD’s team stands by its core tenet: empowered patients make for healthier patients.  



New Yorkers residing in Brooklyn in search of a healthier approach to holistic, palliative care can now find the help they need with Indica MD’s online medical marijuana certification service. Indica MD’s online portal has streamlined the world of medical marijuana recommendations by bringing it all online. To make things even more convenient for patients, their robust online portal is mobile-friendly! Indica MD acts in full compliance with HIPAA regulations by encrypting its information, which means every last drop of information patients share with Indica MD isn’t just confidential, it’s protected. Brooklyn, the grass is indeed greener on your side, now.


New Yorkers living in Rochester looking for a new, healthy approach to palliative relief now have access to Indica MD, one of the country’s most robust online medical marijuana certification services. Regardless of where prospective patients may live, be it up on the edge of Lake Ontario or smack in the center of the 19th Ward, Indica MD has Rochester covered. Indica MD is proud to inform its prospective patients that their online portal is mobile-friendly, too; access their services in Rochester while on the go! Indica MD also remains steadfastly compliant with HIPAA regulations by exclusively transmitting its patients’ records across encrypted channels to guarantee safety and security. With Indica MD, Rochester residents may now go to where the grass is indeed greener.


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New Yorkers living in Albany in search of a healthier, greener path to healing can find what they’re searching for with Indica MD’s medical marijuana recommendation service. Their robust online portal has streamlined the online medical marijuana recommendation process to the benefit of its patients countrywide. Indica MD is excited to inform you that its services are mobile-friendly, too. You don’t even need a computer! Indica MD acts in full compliance with HIPAA regulations by encrypting all of its information. That means that any and every bit of information patients share with Indica MD is kept completely safe and private. Albany, you’re safe with Indica MD.

White Plains

New Yorkers living in White Plains looking for a more natural and holistic approach to well being can now take a deep breath: Indica MD and its incredibly streamlined online medical marijuana certification service has arrived. From the White Plains’ southern end of Kensico Dam Plaza on down through the Highlands, Indica MD’s streamlined and robust online service is available to everyone with an internet connection or mobile phone. And you don’t need to worry, Indica MD remains fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and exclusively transmits its patients’ information via encrypted channels to guarantee safety and privacy.

East Hampton

New Yorkers residing in East Hampton looking to achieve health and  balance may now pursue medical marijuana certifications through Indica  MD’s online evaluation service. Indica MD’s wonderful team of medical  professionals understands just how personal a visit to the doctor’s  office can be, so they treat each patient respectfully, compassionately,  and with the utmost discretion.

Indica MD stands as one of New  York’s premier medical marijuana evaluation services. It has helped  patients all across Long Island, from Montauk to Hempstead, find  alternative paths to health. In fact, Indica MD’s reputation for patient  satisfaction and excellent service precedes them even in East Hampton.  Their streamlined online service enables housebound patients or those  otherwise stuck behind logistical barriers to acquire certifications from the comfort of their own home. 


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